Electronic Marketing That Actually Works!




 A well designed brochure can introduce your product or service and is the first step in a planned strategy, using our proven marketing formula - IEEO=Success

IEEO is THE proven formula for all your brochures, websites and newsletters. IEEO is the right way to create a successful brochure for your business.

All successful marking follows this formula. IEEO is how you attract New Customers and keep them satisfied and loyal. 

IEEO is also used to retain your Existing Customers and get them to buy more. 


Now, Let's Examine the Formula... 


Today, it's all about getting your prospects attention, and giving them the confidence that YOU are the one that can best provide them with the products or services they need to match their ever changing needs. 

Let's face it, if you don’t get their attention, nothing else happens.  You Interrupt by using a Headline or a Picture - something that is recognizable to them (remember, people tend to think in pictures). 

For example, If you were selling golf equipment, a photo of a frustrated golfer standing on a green with an unusual Headline, perhaps something like:

"WARNING! Don’t Read This Unless You’re Frustrated As Hell With Your Golf Game!" 

Anyone that is a golfer will immediately have their train of thought Interrupted and get them to pay attention - but, unfortunately, Interrupt is only temporary…


Because Interrupt is temporary, people will quickly revert to what they were doing before they were interrupted. When you get their attention, you need to keep it, by Engaging them with something that gives them the promise that if they keep reading, they will get something of value to them.

​In the golf example, you might have a Sub-Headline that says something like, “3 Unusual Ways To Par Every Hole.”  If you are a golfer, how could you possibly resist reading what comes next? (But remember, you have to be able to do it)!  


Now, you have a captured audience, ready to be Educated about what you can do for them. In our example, they are ready to find out to improve their golf game.

Most "experts" will tell you that “Shorter is Better”, so how do you convey all the information on your product or service? Here is a little known fact: If you have Interrupted and Engaged correctly, your educational copy can be as long and as detailed as it needs to be. 

And, finally...


So, what do we mean by “Offer”?  An Offer is simply a positive way to have them take the next logical step. In our golf example, it could be as bold as  asking them to buy a round of golf, an 11% coupon discount, special cost on a club membership etc. - some common sense way that make a sale (note the 11% is unusual - drawing their attention to it,  

But, in most cases, an Offer is merely giving them a way to get more information, either by going to your Website, asking them to be on your newsletter list, or offering free information through a Report, or even a Book, Video, DVD or CD.  

Share the big news

Brochures can be inexpensive. You don’t need to print 10,000 Brochures to be effective. While that may be the cheapest way per piece, to print brochures, I can show you a little-known way to spend less than $100, to print and test the exact brochure you need. Once you know they work, only then should you consider printing in quantity. 

We are NOT in the brochure printing business, but will be committed to your success. That's why you'll get the help you need with my personal support. A well designed brochure and a plan to get it in the hand of your prospects prepares you ready for the next step...