Electronic Marketing That Actually Works!

The 'Magic' of Electronic Marketing



If you use the following 3 Steps Correctly, you will 'Magically' implement a winning strategy to separate your business from the competition, and then eliminate them! 

How to Create a Winning Strategy

Putting the following three  steps together as part of your overall business strategy WILL grow your business, but the entire program has to been done right! The steps must be done in order, and trying to circumvent any one of them will ultimately result in failure. 

In a nutshell, here are the  steps:

  1. A well designed and implemented Brochure, is used to introduce your products or services. 
  2. A well designed and implemented Website separates you from "Fly-by-Nights" and provides information that makes it easy or people to see what you do. 
  3. A well designed and implemented eLetter (electronic newsletter) will keep prospects in touch. All three methods, done correctly, form a winning strategy for your organization.

A winning Strategy, done correctly, will capture your prospects interest, and solidify your existing customer base. And, the best part is that you will have complete control over the number of prospects, so you can manage the increase. 

I can help you create that winning strategy. Read on...


STEP 1: The Magic of Using an Effective Handout Brochure

STEP 1 is not even Electronic. It's all about responding to and preparing to serve prospective customers. 

Brochures are typically used as leave behinds on a sales call, counter pieces, hand outs at merchandise shows or direct mailers. By using an effective brochure, people begin to learn about your Products or Services, and how your company might help satisfy THEIR needs or grow THEIR business.

A well done brochure does not sell, but it can be the perfect way for your business to capture interest, gather Email addresses, and form a bold new strategy ... but it has to be done right!

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STEP 2: The Magic of Using an Effective Website

People that come to your website act pretty much the same. They glance at your Home Page, scan through the text and Click on the first link that catches their eye, or at least vaguely resembles what they are looking for. 

In fact, there are large parts of your website they don't see at all. Sadly, if what they first Clicked on doesn't meet their expectations, they simply go to another website.

There are several ways to prevent this, but it has to be done right! 

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STEP 3: The Magic of Using an Effective eLetter

Electronic newsletters are an easy, effective and affordable way to get new prospects and keep your existing customers coming back. Well done consistent eLetters help build strong and lasting customer relationships.  

You can create and maintain interest by using attractive, informative and professional looking eLetter communications to stay in touch. It's far better and significantly more effective than regular Email or a snail mail newsletter.  

I have created the ultimate way to have an effective, affordable eLetter program for your company, but it has to be done right!

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