Electronic Marketing That Actually Works!

ANSWER: YOU DON'T (If You Want to Remain Average)

A Monopolize Your Marketplace MCA (Master Consulting Agent) has the opportunity to take their business and marketing expertise to the next level for their clients through a special education course designed to achieve their professional development pursuits within the Monopolize Your Marketplace disciplines. Some 1,300 highly qualified individuals across America have completed this level. 

A select few have gone on to complete an intense advanced training to  achieve the status of AMCA (Accredited Master Consulting Agent).  To coin the famous 'Top Gun' phrase, these are the "Best of the Best". 

AMCA's earn their ranking through additional training and by demonstrating complete and total knowledge of the MYM system. The AMCA designation stands as testimony of their commitment to their profession and an unyielding desire to continue to raise the standard for their clients.

In total, there are very few AMCA's (less than 50 out of nearly 1,300 MCA's) and they average of more than 25 years of business experience each. Because the MYM system has been applied to more than 10,000 different businesses across 400 different industries, AMCA’s have a lot of experience in marketing.

All AMCA's share one common thread: Advanced training on the Monopolize Your Marketplace system that has been developed and honed during the past decade. This approach allows an AMCA to bring to your industry and your business, a new level of a systemic program ensuring success. It will truly allow your company to become THE leader in your marketplace. 

When working with an MYM AMCA, you have the opportunity to tap into the strengths and expertise of ALL AMCA's to ensure your marketing will get the results you expect.

Now, we know there are many business people who think they can do "marketing" themselves. There are many who think it's easy and all you need to do is think of something cute or creative - or perhaps get your message out there enough times that your marketing will be seen and your sales will go up.

So ... How's That Working For You?

We believe you're here because you're looking for answers ... perhaps ways to breathe new life back into your business.  You're looking for something different. More importantly, you are looking for something that will work

Gary Willey completed his MCA training and received his Monopolize Your Marketplace license in November of 2003. He achieved AMCA status in May of 2006 and is the only MYM Agent in Nebraska to accomplish this.  

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