Electronic Marketing That Actually Works!




If customers can’t find your website, it is the same as not having one! I can show you how to get people to your website on a regular basis. 

But first you need to have a website. If you already have one, I can work with it. If you need an update, there are 4 ways to create a new website:

  1. Do it Yourself
  2. Hire someone to do it for you 
  3. Have an Employee do it
  4. Have Gary Willey do it. 

Let’s take them one at a time:


Let’s face it - with the latest online programs, practically anyone can build a website today. But only someone that really knows marketing will know what to put in it. For example, how many times have you seen “Welcome to our Website”? It's a sure sign of an amateur that built their own. 

“Do It Yourself” websites can end up costing HUNDRED'S more than you expected.  Here’s why:

  • First you have to learn how to create and maintain it.  
  • Next, you have to learn about all kinds of boring techie nerdy stuff; things like uploading to a Client, site protection, domain names, HTML language, FTP settings, SEO's, Meta Tag's, Keywords, DNS addresses search engines, site registrations, web forwarding, text editors, copyright infringement and on and on and on (seriously, how much is your time really worth)? 
  • In addition, low cost or free "Do It Yourself" websites may even post unwanted advertising on your site (that's how they make money). I've even seen sites that displayed a competitors ad - how brilliant is that?  


There are various ways to get someone else to build a website for you. But where do you start? You need to protect yourself from being burned by “Web Designers” who over-represent their skill level. Almost all website builders are hard to work with, and most aren’t professional. Here are the most common:

  • The Computer Geek: The problem with most nerds is, while they may know how to build a website, they don't know what to put in it so your prospects will be interested, and take action. 
  • Marketing Agency:  Typically VERY expensive and many don't actually build websites anyway, they just farm them out to a geek techie. A marketing agency that says they build websites could easily cost you thousands, and take months if they ever finish at all. And amazingly, it's never their fault! They rarely take the time to find out your needs and what you are trying to accomplish (but they ALWAYS manage to send their invoices out on time). 
  • Relatives: As for having a relative do your website ... well let's not go there, because you will really hate Thanksgivings!  


Unless you are a large enough organization to have your own dedicated IT department, how can you possibly afford to pay an employee to learn how to build a website for you?  

If you DO have an IT department, they  will probably put a website on the “back burner”, because they always seem to have more pressing day-to-day issues.  


Since 1973, I have served as a Vice President of the nation’s largest manufacturer of Welders and Battery chargers, founded the largest and most successful business satellite video and installation company in the Midwest, owned a successful background music business, and of course my marketing and sales company, I DO understand what it takes to start and run a successful business. I have been a Marketing and Sales professional for 50+ years, an AMCA (Accredited Master Consulting Agent), and have a license to implement the "Monopolize Your Marketplace" system. 

I use a Website Builder Tool that makes every site look and perform like a $4,000 - $7,000 website, but can be quickly put together by an authorized Monopolize Your Marketplace licensed agent (that's me).  And yes, I took the training - a 60 hour crash course on site in Dallas, TX, and continuing education, every week for over 10 years.  So, I not only know how to build your site, but I also know what photos and IEEO copy to put in it to get maximized results for your company! 

I can quickly build your very own professional website, complete with your copy, your pictures, links to your documents etc. And, I'll have it online in less time than you can possibly imagine ... typically less than a week, sometimes a matter of only a day or two. 

Here is what one customer said when he first saw his new website:
"You are truly gifted! I'm speechless."  Colby D, Lincoln, NE (you can view his site at: www.YourGreenExpectations.com)


No one that I am aware of, has anything like my program. There really IS a better way! Now you can have a website quickly designed and created by a professional in 4 easy steps:  

  • First, I need to know what you are trying to accomplish with a website, and will ask the right questions to get the information. 
  • Second, armed with this information, I will do research and then design and create your website. 
  • Third, I will give you a link to see your new website and you can tell me what you don't like about it. I will make the changes and you can look at it again. We will do this as many times as needed until you are satisfied. If you don't like it, or decide you don't want the site for any reason, you can cancel and, there is no charge ... yes, that's right - no charge, no commitment, no up front fee and no credit card required!
  • And Finally, once you are satisfied with your new site, I will bill you each month, which includes the web hosting fee to have your site on a fast, secure server and to make any ongoing corrections, changes or additions. If you already have a domain name, we can use it. If you don't, I'll find one for you that fits YOUR business. All I ask is that you pay your bill on time each month.  

When you need changes made to your website, just call or Email me with what you want and I'll do it for FREE. You can add as many pages as you want, as many pictures as you want and I can even create "hidden pages" that people can link to in your eLetters. If you need a "Shopping Basket" so people can order and pay by credit card, we can do that too. 

And now the best part - if you ever decide, for any reason, that you don't want the site, simply cancel it at the end of the month. No contract, no fuss, no hard feelings. If you don't want it, I would not feel right taking your money anyway. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Remember though, your website will be CUSTOM BUILT with what YOU need, not from some template that everyone else has.