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​A complete Electronic Marketing strategy from Gary Willey & Associates, an Authorized Constant Contact Solutions Provider, will help make your company a force to be reckoned with. A properly executed successful eLetter strategy will lead to a great many things for your business. It will let you connect with your customers and prospects, Inform them so they want to do business with you, and help grow your business!  

Your Authorized Solutions Provider

In 2016, Gary Willey & Associates was recognized by Constant Contact as an All Star Local Solutions Provider. 

With years of experience and more than a  million customers, Constant Contact is the trusted leader for small business email marketing services. Gary Willey is your on site Constant Contact Solutions Provider and I work hard to understand your business and your goals - delivering email and digital marketing best practices to provide real results. 



As much as you and your sales people want prospects to buy now, they may have a perfectly good reason for NOT buying now, and they will rarely tell you what it is. Sometimes they don’t even know what it is, because they are somewhere on the "Educational Spectrum". 

A --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Z

Imagine a straight line across a page. On the Left Side of the line is an 'A'. On the Right Side of the line is a 'Z' (ie. an alphabet). 

The Left Side of the "Educational Spectrum" is where your prospect is just thinking of buying a product or service. The Right Side is when the sale is made, and money changes hands. Unfortunately, Prospects are always somewhere in between, and they will always move ... one way or the other. A great eLetter Strategy keeps them moving to the Right until they get to 'Z' and buy. Understanding this one key principle is the secret to growing your business.  

In our golf example, why would they not buy that set of clubs now? The hidden reason may be that they have scheduled knee replacement surgery in the next few months, but they don’t tell you that, they just say they “want to think about it”. In this case, they are probably about in the R, S, or T of the "Education Spectrum". 

Remember, All prospects are somewhere on the Educational Spectrum. Since you never really know where they are or why, I will help you develop an eLetter strategy that keeps moving them along the Educational Spectrum until they do buy (an effective eLetter is also a perfect way to get new prospects to your website). With a consistent eLetter program, you can gain control over the "Educational Spectrum."  After receiving an interesting, consistent and compelling eLetter from you month after month, when it DOES come time for them to buy, where else would they go? 


You could put together an eLetter marketing campaign on your own, however, in today's hectic business climate; you may want to consider having me do it for you. Again, how much is your time really worth? The partnership between your organization and my company can give you the time to focus on your business where it always seems to need you most.

Here are just a few benefits you get when we create an eLetter strategy for your organization:

  • Creating a message that's right for you. Having me doing it doesn't require that you learn any special technical or design skills. You simply Email me what you want and I will format it, spell check it, add power words and pictures where needed and Email back to you for approval.  It is very inexpensive to do all this ... no matter how long it takes! 
  • A large set of Email tools which maximize flexibility ... but those features have to be used properly. If they're not, customers are going to tire quickly and either opt out, or worse, take their business elsewhere. Using too many features can also lead to conflict with other features and the overall look can become distracting. 
  • You have the option of unlimited kinds of campaigns. Customers don't want to see the same old Email campaign stretch on for months at a time, so it's important that we mix it up correctly. For example, you can do a special on a product or service; provide a coupon, a company newsletter, a series of helpful ideas about your products, a report, direct them to your website, or any combination in between. 
  • Do you really have time to remember what and when to send every campaign? You must have successful campaigns and keep them going on a consistent basis.  If you don't, you are going to lose customers. I will make sure this happens like it should.
  • SPAM Protection. If your Electronic Marketing campaigns are considered SPAM, it can really harm your business.  SPAM filters are becoming more sophisticated, so each email that comes in is measured against a rigid criteria, used to determine if a message is SPAM or legitimate correspondence. These variables all factor in to whether your campaign is going to be a responding success or a catastrophic failure.
  • I'll customize your own eLetter marketing piece, and make it consistent with your Brochure and Website. 
  • I'll help you to build, manage, and grow a valuable permission-based email list.
  • We can start with as few as 10 or 15 Email addresses. Then I’ll show you how to invite people to join your mailing list, refer their friends. And, that is only one way to make your contact lists grow! 
  • Constant Contact says a good 'Open Rate' is 25% or more. My eLetter 'Open Rate' averages over 40%. I have one client that consistently gets 75%. This is the number of people that actually opened an eLetter and read it. That helps keep strong relationships with internet providers, and offers content-scanning tools to get your message straight to your contact's inbox, instead of a SPAM filter. 
  • Dozens of reports are available, so we will know who is reading your eLetters, who is clicking on your links, who is opting out and who is signing up. 

And finally, you always have live help from a real live person, right here in America! You have unlimited personal support - by phone, Email or in person. I'm available 24/7 to help you every step of the way. You can even call Constant Contact direct.    


In this day and age, you must have a way to successfully advertise your business without spending a fortune. Conventional advertising today (Radio, Newspaper, Direct Mail and Cold Calling) is very expensive and in most cases, ineffective. 

The combination of the three powerful steps, an effective Brochure, Website and eLetter, can be designed as part of a real strategy to help your company grow, today and in the future.